Combine Your Former SPG and Rewards Accounts

Relax. We'll combine your accounts for you.

Why combine?

Combining gives you one powerful account with the new Marriott Bonvoy – a single place for tracking your status, points and upcoming stays – plus booking, earning and redeeming at all hotels across our participating brands. And you just may achieve a new Elite status!

Make your request. We'll do the rest.

To combine your accounts, just enter your information below. Please allow at least 5 days to process your request.

Here’s What You Need to Know

If I already “linked” my accounts, do I still need to combine them?


Linked accounts are separate accounts within the programme. Combining gives you one account and one profile for easy reference.

Not sure if you combined yet? View your profile.

You’ll need your sign in info for both accounts

Make sure you have your sign in credentials including your passwords. You will not be able to use pre-saved or autofill.

Note: Combining is a one-time process that cannot be undone. Both accounts need to belong to you and cannot belong to other individuals, including family members. All accounts must follow the programs’ terms and conditions.

Why should I combine?

Simplicity: One single account log-in and profile.

Status: Combined Elite nights could add up to achiveing the next level right now.

Access: Book and redeem your combined points balance at 7,000+ hotels.

Within a week

You'll have

  • One member number, profile, log-in, points balance and elite nights balance.
  • You’ll use this single account to book, earn and redeem your combined points across our extraordinary portfolio of brands.
  • All upcoming reservations combined under one account.

Your information will be combined into one profile, including:

  • Your Suite Night Awards and Free Night Certificates
  • The promotions you registered for
  • Past activity with both programs

Want to Know More?


Short answer – it's up to you. Whatever profile you decide to keep, you'll sign in with the member number or e-mail associated with it.

  • Don't sweat your profile choice You'll get the same great benefits, regardless of the profile you keep
  • Check your preferences After your accounts are combined, be sure to update your e-mail address in your preferences so you get the latest on benefits and more.




You can combine accounts any time. However, we suggest a week ahead of your next reservation to help ensure you receive the benefits of your new level by the time you get to the hotel. If you need to combine within a few days of your reservation, that's fine, just be prepared that Mobile Guest Services and Keyless may not work on your app for your upcoming stay.

If you combine accounts during your stay, some guest features like Chat and Keyless may be impacted



You can keep your credit cards and use them to earn points and rewards. If your member number is updated, it will be automatically updated with the credit card issuer.