Elementia 2021

Close your eyes and feel how the sea breeze runs over your face, you are in the perfect setting to reconnect with nature. Expand your senses and feel how the energy of Puerto Rico vibrates in each of your memories.

Inspired by our extraordinary natural sanctuary, ELEMENTIA highlights four breathtaking elements of nature: Water, Fire, Earth & Air. Through bespoke experiences, our guests will enjoy an exquisite stay at our resort. Our refined agenda is inspired by these elements allowing for a distinctive connection with paradise. The best address in Puerto Rico awaits.

Casa Grande Lawn

Water Element

February 2021 - Water Experiences:
- Weekly Poolside Soiree every Friday & Saturday in February
- VIP Pool Cabanas
- Weekly Painting Classes
- Night Kayaking
- Watersports Classes
- Exclusive El Yunque Waterfall Tours
- Beach Side Private Romantic Dinners
- Iridium Spa - Hydromassage treatment

Beach Romantic Dinner

Fire Element

March 2021 - Fire Experiences:
-Smore's Festival & Campfire Stories
-Exquisite Dining:  A la Brasa- Beach Side Grills
-Fire Show/ “Bomba”
-Enriching Experiences: Fire Menu
-Iridium Spa- Hot Stone Treatment
-Spoon Tours
-Private Dining: Campfire Dining & Smores

Earth Element

APRIL 2021 - Earth Experiences:
-Sandcastles & Intro to Turtle Nesting Season
-Guest Chef Culinary Challenge with Nursery Ingredients
-Cuatro/ Cajon
-Mixology & Herb Classes “Alma de Bahia”
-Iridium Spa-- Scrub with Local Ingredients
-Reforestation Efforts - El Yunque
-Private Dining:   Enchanted Garden Dinners

Air Element

May 2021 - Air Experiences:
-Kite Crafting & Bird Watching
-Exquisite Dining: Nitrogen Menu
-Brass/ Jazz Instruments
-Meditation & Yoga Practices
-Iridium Spa- Aromatherapy
-Helicopter Experience
-Private Dining: Nitrogen Menu

Prices vary based on experience. To learn more or reserve any of the ELEMENTIA activities above please contact our Butler Service Team at +1 (787)-809-8000 or bahiabeach.butler@stregis.com

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