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Rewards Terms & Conditions


  1. Members may not earn both Points and Miles for the same stay. A Member may switch from earning Miles to Points, and vice versa, before a given stay by updating his or her Membership profile or by contacting the Rewards Program Guest Services office. The Member will begin earning the new "currency" (Points or Miles) with the next stay. Previous earnings will not be converted to the new currency. If the Member wishes to "convert" Points into Miles, redeem Member Points for a Mileage Reward.

  2. A “stay" or "qualifying stay" means all consecutive nights a Rewards Program Member registers and personally pays and stays at any Rewards Program participating hotel, for which the room is billed to the Member.

Earn Miles

  1. When choosing to earn Miles in the Rewards Program, Members must designate a participating airline frequent flyer program to which their Miles will be credited. For details on joining a participating frequent flyer program, please refer to the particular airline’s terms and conditions.

  2. A Member is eligible to receive Points/Miles for staying at participating Marriott brand hotels or Ritz-Carlton hotels for his/her room and up to two additional rooms. At least one of the rooms must be reserved and registered in the Member's name and the Member must pay for all rooms, which payment arrangement must be requested at time of hotel check-in. The Member must also stay in one of the rooms. To ensure Miles are automatically posted to the correct Membership Account, the Member's Rewards Program Membership Number must be present on his/her room folio and up to two additional rooms, as applicable.

  3. Charges which do not qualify for Miles include taxes applied to the room rate, purchase of Marriott gift certificates or gift cards, purchase of The Ritz-Carlton gift certificates or gift cards, charges for third party-provided goods and services at participating Marriott brand hotels or Ritz-Carlton hotels, and catering or banquet functions charged to the guest room account.

    Note: At The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, the only charges that qualify for Miles are (i) room rate, (ii) room service food and beverage, (iii) in-room movies, (iv) phone calls, and (v) in-room mini bar purchases. Miles cannot be earned on any other purchases at hotel outlets or for hotel services.

  4. Once Miles have been awarded to the designated participating airline frequent flyer program, they may not be changed to another participating airline frequent flyer program’s Miles or converted to Rewards Program Points.

  5. Miles will not be given, nor Rewards honored, at any subsidiary or affiliate of Company other than participating Marriott brand hotels or Ritz-Carlton hotels, unless otherwise advertised. If a hotel ceases to be a participating hotel, all stays subsequent to such date will not be eligible to earn Miles regardless of when the reservation was made.

  6. Miles and elite night credit may be earned for stays completed within 30 days prior to the Member’s enrollment, if such credit is requested in writing, along with a copy of the paid hotel receipt, within 60 days of the stay.

  7. Miles earned while staying at any participating hotel located outside the United States will be based on the U.S. dollar conversion at time of checkout of all qualifying charges made during the stay.

  8. No other person except the Member may earn Miles through the Rewards Program for his/her Account. Miles for a room shared by two Rewards Program Members will only be awarded to one Rewards Program Member.

  9. Mileage or elite night credit accrual is limited to individual travel and the room must be paid for individually by the Member or direct billed to the party responsible for paying the bill. If the room is master-billed, the charges are not eligible for Miles or elite night credits.

    If the Member attends a convention or group meeting and individually pays the hotel directly for the room, he/she will be eligible to receive Miles and elite night credits for the stay. However, contract rooms, rooms reserved by corporations on an ongoing basis, and master-billed rooms are not eligible to earn miles or elite night credit. Military rates at certain overseas locations are subject to local restrictions and may be ineligible for miles or elite night credit.

    Rooms booked at the Marriott friends and family or the associate rate or at The Ritz-Carlton friends and family or the associate rate are not eligible to earn Miles or elite night credits.

  10. Rooms booked through third party online retailers, such as,,,,, Priceline, etc. are not eligible for Miles or Elite night credit. Wholesale packages and series tours are not eligible for Miles or Elite night credit regardless of booking source.