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Renaissance Modern

Model of modernity

In Latin, modern means “just now.” Inspired by this meaning are the Renaissance modern hotels. In fact, we have established the tone of the contemporary movement. Undeniably so, you’ll agree. The spaces are deliberately designed. The atmospheres are occupied with function, form and fluidity. And the concepts are all modern.

Renaissance modern hotels flaunt sleek shapes and contemporary styling with touches of luxury and creativity. Such is the case of the magnificent Paris Arc de Triomphe Hotel, a modern masterpiece and romantic haven located in the city’s lively center. Or, the ultra-now New York Times Square Hotel that was the canvas for Jordan Mozer, who’s not shy about straying into the realm of deconstructionism (that’s for the architecture enthusiasts out there).

Renaissance modern hotels offer subtle spaces with richly layered details that don’t overwhelm. Plush, yet unpretentious. Enveloping, yet understated. The results are, dare we say, pleasing to the eye.

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