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Renaissance Boutique

Original defined

Every Renaissance boutique-inspired hotel is unlike the next. If you’ve seen one, you’ve hardly seen another. Unpredictable designs. Thought-provoking atmospheres. On-the-up-and-up upscale lodging. Some people call us eclectic. We take this as a high compliment.

World-renowned designers, artists, chefs and other geniuses have infused personality into each Renaissance boutique-inspired hotel. For example, at New York’s Hotel 57, you’ll find that modern couture has met, dated and married classic elegance. And at New Orleans’ Pere Marquette, you’ll unveil an art gallery experience every time you visit.

Inspiration is abundant at Renaissance boutique-inspired hotels. We fully intend to intrigue the mind and spark worthy conversations. As for elevating the creative soul? That just naturally happens at places like these.

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