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TRIPLE C: Car Parking, CAST IRON Burger & Continental Breakfast

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Foodies and city travelers watch out: park, stay & enjoy at Cologne Marriott Hotel.

Triple C
Car Parking
Cast Iron Burger
Continental Breakfast

Treat yourself with a well-deserved city trip and stay flexible when traveling to Cologne by car. Take advantage of free parking in the underground garage connected to the hotel. Stay at the Cologne Marriott Hotel in the heart of the city, enjoy a delicious burger in the evening and breakfast the next day in our Cast Iron Grill restaurant (or in your room).

Your stay includes:

  • Overnight stay in our spacious rooms
  • Parking in our garage, direct elevator access to the hotel
  • One Burger & Fries per person in our restaurant Cast Iron Grill (or in your room)
  • Full Continental Breakfast the next morning


People travelling

Get your second room for half the price

Moments are better when we share them together. Come together with the family, book a second room for the kids and save up to 50% at Cologne Marrriott Hotel.

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BIG CITY LIFE: CologneCard, Bar & Restaurant Voucher & Breakfast

Experience the Rhine metropolis of Cologne in the heart of the city, at our Cologne Marriott Hotel.

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City Couple

ENDLESS LOVE: personalized Love Lock & Breakfast in your room

Enjoy a Getaway for two in Cologne and stay in a spacious guest room at our Cologne Marriott Hotel including a personalized Love Lock and extensive breakfast with sparkling wine.

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