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Keeping Your Account Active - Marriott Rewards Points Expiration

Earn or redeem points at least once every 2 years to stay active and retain your points

Membership comes with many benefits, including the most flexibility of any program in the industry. To retain your points, keep your account active by doing one of the following at least once every two years:

So you know

Starting February 1, 2016, accumulated points will be removed from your account if you do not have a qualifying activity in the prior 2 years*.

The following activities do not count toward maintaining an active status in the Marriott Rewards® program:

  • Gifting or transferring points
  • Receiving points as a gift or transfer
  • Earning points through social media programs, such as #MRPoints
  • Linking your accounts with other programs
  • Receiving Status Matching across program accounts
  • Transferring points to accounts in other programs

*Lifetime Status members are not affected by this change. However, Marriott Rewards reserves the right to change and modify Lifetime membership benefits at any time.

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