"Unlock the Sea" Snorkeling Trail

Explore pristine white sands lapped by topaz waters, coral sunsets and ignite your inspiration with an underwater encounter that leaves you with incredible memories of the island.

Visit enchanting underwater sites and learn about the importance of marine conservation with marine experts from our partner, the Marine Conservation Society Seychelles, who have helped us develop the project and continue to support it.

Proceeds from the donations collected go to sustain the marine conservation projects led by the Marine Conservation Society Seychelles.

Please note that the usage of water sports equipment is complimentary during your stay however a deposit of 50 Euro is required when you wish to make use of this equipment.

The deposit will be charged to your room upon check-in or during your stay and a voucher will be provided which is required when requesting for the equipment.

Snorkeling Trail

Area 1: Welcome
Often overlooked, this area lies within the sea grass beds and is vital for the ecosystem. What can you find? Sea Urchins, Pipefish, Sea Stars, Sea Cucumbers and schools of Juvenile Reef Fish.
Area 2: Coral Village
Explore the dramatic and beautiful coral reefs but also witness the fragments of dead corals that illustrate the threat to corals which guarantee the ecosystems health underwater. This area is also important for monitoring of coral resettlement and growth rate as well as to record animals using the niche as an escape from predators.
Area 3: The Blue
Wander through the blue open waters and expect to encounter open water fish like Trevally, Barracuda, Eagle Ray Stingray and Lizardfish.
Area 4: Reef Town
Watch the reef elevate from the sandy bottom towards the rocks. Here you will find various types of Coral, Feather Duster Worms, Octopus and Squirrelfish.
Area 5: Fishville
The most untouched and preserved area. The currents can be strong here, so watch out. What can you find? Goatfish, Trevally, Surgeonfish, Butterfly Fish, Cornet Fish, Angel Fish and even Juvenile Reef Sharks.

Opening Hours & Signature Experiences


Available daily from Monday to Friday at 9:30 AM  and 14:30 PM.

Please Note* Guided tours are not available during bad weather conditions. Swimming is at own risk.

Uncommon Experience

Mail your postcards to any destination in our unique post box under the sea which is cleared every two days and discover the underwater art piece from a new perspective.

Coral Reef Restoration Project – Coral Cove

With our continuous effort to enhance our commitment towards preserving the marine ecosystem around the resort, we present you with the Coral Reef Restoration Project named Coral Cove. This second phase of the “Unlock the Sea” program was launched in June 2017 in partnership with Marine Conservation Society Seychelles.

You can now learn more about corals and even adopt one and receive regular update of its growth and GPS coordinates after transplantation on to the reef.
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