Extraordinary Island Discovery

Discover inspiring sceneries of Mahe by creating an itinerary with hikes around the island or experimenting with locally made products found in historic and picturesque locations.

Hiking & Recommended Hikes

Danzil To Anse Major
This trail follows the rocky coastline of Northwest Mahe to the secluded Anse Major beach. Much of the trail is within the Morne Seychellois National Park and is graded as Easy. It passes spectacular rocky slopes and the typical dry area vegetation of Mahe. The hike should take 1.5 hours to Anse Major and slightly quicker to return. An early start is suggested as there is little shade along the route.
Glacis To Anse Etoile
This route takes the traveller along minor roads across Mahe's northern hills which are covered in coconuts and other spectacular greenery. Then up a fairly steep climb to the hamlet of La Gogue with a gentle descent to the picturesque reservoir behind La Gogue Dam. The hike is around 3 hours long and graded as Easy. Buses are available from the Anse Etoile end point. Again it is advisable to start early in the day in order to minimize sun exposure.
Victoria/Beau Vallon
Rated as Easy the hike to Victoria/Beau Vallon can be done in either direction and takes the hiking enthusiast along main and minor roads that pass through the historical section of Victoria.
Les Trois Freres
This spectacular hike meanders through the Morne Seychellois National Park to the summit of the mountain overlooking Victoria. It is very steep, graded Medium to Difficult but rewards hikers with some of the most beautiful views in the world. The hike takes 2 hours to reach the summit and another hour for the return leg of the journey.
Tea Factory To Morne Blanc
This shaded, steady climb takes about an hour and offers yet another walk through the fantastic foliage of the Morne Seychellois National Park. Graded as Medium an early start will help hikers avoid both the sun and the afternoon mist.
La Reserve And Brulee
The walk to La Reserve and Brulee offers nature enthusiasts the choice of several routes and the opportunity to see incredible granite cliffs and rich tropical forests, in fact 5 of the 6 unique Seychelles palms can be seen. Allowing 2 to 3 hours is recommended.
Val Riche To Copolia
If incredible views are what you are after, look no further than this walk through shady forest to the summit of Copolia. On a clear day you can feast your eyes on the Mahe coast and up to 14 other islands. Allow 2 hours for the round trip.
Anse Royale To Anse A La Mouche
Catch a glimpse of country life while on this walk through historical Mahe. Depending on the route you select you may pass an old chapel, two cemeteries and some startling vegetation. And why not pass by Tom Bowers Sculptor Studio on the road down to Anse La Mouche? Allow 3-4 hours to complete the walk and local buses are available to return you to your hotel.

Made in Seychelles

Kreolfleurage Parfums
Mauritius may be world renowned for its beaches, but the island of Mahé has something extra special for travelers seeking to add a little culture to their stay. Located near the Beach at North East Point is Kreolfleurage Parfums, a laboratory run by Dagmar Ehlert. Founded in 1988 Kreolfleurage create one of a kind fragrances produced with essential oils from the region. The factory tour is both fascinating and informative and offers a glimpse inside the craft of perfume creation, a rare opportunity indeed.
Tea Factory
The history of tea in the Seychelles is as rich as the brew itself, with the plant first being introduced to the islands almost 250 years ago. And now, on Mahé, the opportunity exists for curious travelers to discover first hand how Seychelle’s tea is made. Perched atop Morne Blanc in the cool mountain air is The Tea Factory. Here travelers can walk amongst the tea terraces and take in what is arguably one of the best panoramic views of the western slopes of the island. It’s an experience that few will have the opportunity to partake in, but those who do will never forget it.
Yi-Kings – Organic Care
The art of Yi-King originated in China almost 4000 years ago. Traditionally it has been used to rebalance hormone production by draining and stimulating the body’s organs. And now the health conscious traveler can experience it here in the Seychelles. Yi-King organic care can be found on the island of Mahé and its natural ingredients and locally hand-made products offer travelers a way to feel stimulated and re-invigorated.
Takamaka Bay Rum
Sugar Cane has been grown on the islands of the Seychelles for the better part of 200 years. Since then Mauritians have been utilising the plant to blend and distil their own version of island rum. Takamaka Bay Rum is one such product. Produced locally at the Trois Freres Distillery, brothers Richard and Bernard d’Offay follow their grandfather’s original recipe and travelers are free to take a tour of the distillery and immerse themselves in the knowledge the brothers use to craft their fine island liquor.
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