Sheraton Adventure Kids Club

The Sheraton Adventures Kids Club was founded on the idea that even on vacation, kids sometimes need a little time all to themselves. Time to play, romp, explore and learn, where grownup rules like “silence is golden” don’t apply and the dreaded words “I’m bored” have never, ever been heard.

Here, children aged four to eleven can spend an hour, half day or full day with guests their own age while enjoying safe, supervised activities led by professionally trained Red Cross- and CPR-certified staff members. From indoor activities like board games and video games to splashing in the pool or learning Spanish, the Sheraton Adventures Kids Club makes it easy for children to do what they do best — just be themselves without a care in the world!

Kids Pool


The Sheraton Kids Club also has activities as playing soccer, hide and seek, marco pollo, time in the pool with various games, movie time and video games.

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Seasonal Activities

Easter: Easter Egg Hunt

Halloween: Costume Contest and talent contest.

Christmas: Activities for all the children such as crafts, games, piñata and Santa will attend the event and giveaway candy.

*Activities may change or have costs. Exclusive for kids.

Kids Pool

Nocturnal Activities

Under reservation

Operation Hours:
6pm to 9pm Fridays and Sundays

Cost per children: $30 USD

Does not include food but room service can be charge to the room.

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