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A respite in the splendid nature around Hokkaido

Our Hokkaido resort is located amongst the best skiing destinations in Japan. There is always something exciting to see or do, no matter the season. Take the time to explore and enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Toya or take a scenic gondola ride to the summit of West Mountain for Hokkaido's most stunning views. From there, head over to our observation deck and relax on the terrace. We receive over 14 meters of snow annually and this makes us a perfect destination for ski enthusiasts.

Outdoor Bath

Indoor Activities

On-Site Shops

Vivace stocks a diverse line-up of ski and snowboard, golf, tennis and other sports goods as selected by professional players. Daniel Street is a souvenir shop filled with “Yukara-ori folk crafts” (a traditional Hokkaido handicraft), woodwork and other articles perfect as gifts from Hokkaido. And Tiny Bear is a fairyland with a myriad of stuffed animals, fancy products and character goods you cannot help but buy as souvenirs.

Stardust Avenue

You and your loved one will be fascinated by the colourful display of changing projection lights and the illumination area that spreads across the front of the Swiss exterior of North & South Wing. Cricket Pub is a great viewing area where you can have a drink and take in the charming mood and atmosphere.

Musical Fountains

Here you can enjoy a fantastic show of fountains imported from Florida, America. During this stunning display water whirls to music and colours sparkle in rhythmical movement.
Yotei Panorama Terrace

Local Area & Activity Highlights

Enjoy The River

The wilderness around Rusutsu is a relaxing and tranquil place, little creeks trickle into large rivers that wind through the country side. Floating down the river or sitting on the bank will immerse you into the verdant surrounds and natural sensation and of Hokkaido’s landscape.

Mountain Bike Tours

Rusutsu and the surrounding area is a cyclist’s paradise! Winding trails snake through the countryside and take you to beautiful locations with spectacular views. Long and open roads reach far into the distance and beckon you to discover what lies at the end. Whether you enjoy riding off-road or on, Rusutsu has cycling that will appeal to everyone!

More Local Area & Activities

Yotei Panorama terrace

Observation Deck

Take a gondola ride to the summit of West Mountain, the view from the observation deck is spectacular. When the weather is fine you can see Mt. Yotei, Lake Toya and even the Pacific Ocean.
Summer Sea of Clouds

Sea Of Clouds

Witness the breath-taking ‘Sea of clouds’ (unkai in Japanese) as a low-lying cloud blankets the valley floor beneath the Yotei Observation Deck creating a beautiful weather phenomenon. Get up early and take a gondola ride through the ‘sea of clouds’ for an unforgettable experience.


Enjoy this fun introduction to paragliding! We have lessons for beginners that cover the basics to solo flights above the slopes, safe, fun and easy to learn – give it a try for an amazing experience!

Helicopter Tours

Rusutsu Resort has begun Helicoptor Sightseeing in 2018. This trial flight is exclusively for in-house guests. Why not try a short flight experience to see a beautiful nature here, in Rusutsu.
Winter Mt Yotei Night

Local Attractions

Lake Toya

Toyako Onsen 142, Toyako-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido,

19.6 km from hotel

Mount Yotei

Kutchan-cho government office corporation ,3-3, Ki

10 km from hotel

Rusutsu Resort

0.5 km from hotel

Rusutsu Resort Ski

0.5 km from hotel

Amuse Rental Rusutsu

0.3 km from hotel

Rusutsu Resort Public Bath South Wing

0.5 km from hotel

230 Rusutsu Michi-No-Eki

1.8 km from hotel

Rusutsu Furusato Park

1.8 km from hotel

Kaitaku no Haha Statue

1.8 km from hotel

Fukidashi Park

12.6 km from hotel

Akai Kutsu Park

2.6 km from hotel

Mt. Yotei

18.3 km from hotel

Mt. Shiribetsudake

10.2 km from hotel

Yoteino Wakimizu

11 km from hotel

Michi-no-Eki Makkari Flower Center

9.6 km from hotel

Toya Mizunoeki

18.1 km from hotel

Flower Parking

7 km from hotel

Mt. Yotei Natural Park

14.8 km from hotel

Kimundo Waterfall

28.9 km from hotel

Toya Ikoi no Ie

19.5 km from hotel

Swimming Nearby

32 km

Toyoura Beach Park

Area Sightseeing

Nature Tour

Mt Yotei

Rusutsu Resort

Phone: +81 136-46-3332

Mountain Biking

Mt.Yotei , Lake Toya

Rusutsu Resort

Phone: +81 136-46-3332

Hot Air Ballooon

Rusutsu Resort

Rusutsu Resort

Phone: +81 136-46-2111


Rusutsu Resort

Rusutsu Resort

Phone: +81 136-46-3332


Shiribetsu - River

Rusutsu Resort

Phone: +81 136-46-3332


Shiribetsu River

Rusutsu Resort

Phone: +81 136-46-3332

Family and Children's Activities

Amusement Park

Phone: +81 136-46-3111

Amusement park

Fee: 5000.00 JPY

Ice Cream Making

Phone: +81 136-46-3332

Ice Cream Making

Fee: 2160.00 JPY

Jam and Crape Making

Phone: +81 136-46-3332

Jam and Crape Making

Fee: 2700.00 JPY

Cheese making

Phone: +81 136-46-3332

Cheese making

Fee: 3240.00 JPY

More Activities

Hiking (10 km) Kayaking (10 km) River rafting (10 km) Nature preserve, trail (10 km)
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