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Soak your Senses

Bath Menu

Not enough time to visit our award winning urban haven known as One Spa? Get the next best thing and soak your senses with our in-room, multi-sensory bath experience, combining light therapy with aromatic ESPA bath oils, all in just 20 minutes.

From the comfort of your room, order from our bespoke Bath Menu displayed in the bathroom, and let us know whether you would like to feel relaxed, energised, focussed, inspired, calm and centred or revived. The experience includes specially chosen ESPA bath oils, a freshly brewed pot of herbal tea and an exfoliating wash glove, all paired with the bathroom’s colour changing mood lights and ready with music recommendations for the ultimate therapeutic ambience. You can elevate your bath ritual further with an indulgent glass of Champagne, a perfect serve of One Square Gin & Tonic or anything you desire from our in room Food & Drink menu.

Just like regular room service, this is available to order from our Guest Services team.

I Want to Feel…

For a relaxing experience, we recommend a Soothing Bath Oil and green light, the colour of balance and healing, to help you unwind. Great with some meditative music on the stereo. There’s no better way to get ready for our Sheraton Sleep Experience.

Pair with: Jasmine Pearls & Petals or Pure Camomile
Busy day? Recharge with some energising red light and ESPA’s Fitness Bath Oil, a deeply warming bath oil to soothe and relieve tired muscles. Best enjoyed with some upbeat jazz.

Pair with: Mighty Assam
In need of a little clarity? Select the yellow light, together with ESPA’s zesty Energising Bath Oil for a revitalising boost to awaken the senses. Try with some mellow jazz if you like.

Pair with: The Earl
For a joyful and creative start to the day, we suggest the orange light setting, along with a Detoxifying Bath Oil to uplift the spirit and soften the skin. Try with some acoustic soundtracks.

Pair with: Emerald Dragon Oolong
Calm & Centered
Find inner peace with our calming blue light and ESPA’s Restorative Bath Oil, with its rebalancing scent to comfort the senses. Combine this oil with your favourite classical album and a warming cup of tea.

Pair with: Simply Sencha
If you are feeling run down, pair the healing green light with ESPA’s Resistance Bath Oil to fuel your body’s natural defences and give a sense of wellbeing – best with some mindful ambient sounds.

Pair with: Moroccan Mint with Rose

To intensify results from your bath, follow your experience with the equivalent ESPA Body Oil. Handy 100ml versions of the ESPA Bath and Body Oils are available to buy at One Spa reception, along with scented candles and a full range of ESPA products.

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