Neumuehlequai 42, Zurich 8006 Switzerland
+41 44 360 70 70

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Hotel views

Downtown Zurich Hotel Exterior
Lobby - Seating Area

Guest Rooms

Deluxe Guest Room
Deluxe Guest Room
Zurich Single Hotel Room
Single Room
Zurich Accommodations - Deluxe Rooms
Deluxe Room
Deluxe bathroom at Zurich Marriott Hotel
Deluxe Room - Bathroom
Zurich Hotel Superior Guest Room
Superior Room
Superior Room - View
Zurich Hotel Room
Club Room
Zurich Executive Hotel Room
Club Room
Club Room
Club Room - View
Zurich Hotel Bathroom
Club Room Bathroom
Superior Bathroom at Zurich Hotel
Main Building Guest Bathroom
Zurich Hotel Bathroom
Guest Bathroom
Bathroom Amenities


Marriott Zurich Grand Superior Room
Junior Club Suite
Junior Club Suite - View
Zurich Hotel Guest Room
Junior Club Suite - Sleeping Area
Zurich Hotel Room
Junior Club Suite - Living Room
Business Suite Bedroom
Business Suite - Bathroom
Club Suite - Living Room
Club Suite - Sleeping Area
Zurich Executive Suite
The Club Suite
Zurich Panorama Suite
Panorama Suite Living Room
Zurich Hotel Suite
Panorama Suite Sleeping Area
Zurich Suite with View
Panorama Suite - View
Zurich Hotel Panorama Suite Bathroom
Panorama Suite Bathroom
Panorama Suite in Zurich
The Panorama Suite
Zurich Marriott Hotel Suites
Business Suite - Seating Area
Business Suite Rainshower
Business Suite Rainshower
Zurich Business Suite Meeting Room
Business Suite Meeting Room

Services & amenities

M Club - Entrance
M Club - Breakfast Buffet
M Club - Dining Area
M Club - Lounge


Zürihonig - Honey from Zurich
Herb Garden


eCHo - Gondola
eCHo - Breakfast & Brunch Area
eCHo - Dining Area
eCHo - Swiss Cheese Fondue
Marriott Sunday Brunch
Zurich Thai Restaurant White Elephant
White Elephant
Zurich Marriott Restaurant White Elephant
White Elephant
White Elephant Restaurant - Thai dishes
Bar & Lounge 42
Bar & Lounge 42 - Bar
Bar & Lounge 42 - Cocktails
Smoker's Lounge
Smoker's Lounge - Sitting Area

Recreation & fitness

Motion Fitness
Motion Fitness Center
Motion Fitness Center - Sauna
Motion Fitness - Relaxation Room

Nearby attractions

Zurich City
Parade Square - Zurich City Center
Lake Zurich
River Limmat
Limmat River - Recreation
FIFA World Football Museum
Zurich Opera House
Zurich Opera House
Zurich City Center Hotel View
Zurich View from Marriott

Events & meetings

Millennium Ballroom- Festive Setup
Sächsilüüte - Reception Setup
Sächsilüüte - Dining Setup
Atelier - Show Kitchen
Studio 1
Studio 1
Studio 1 - Ceremony
Studio 2 - Social Setup
Studio 2 - Boardroom Setup
Studio 2
Studio 3
Studio 4 - Classroom Setup
Studio 4 - Classroom Set Up
Studio 4 - Banquet Setup
Studio 4
Studio 5
Studio 5 - Glass Cube
Studio 6
Studio 7 - Boardroom Setup
Studio 7 - Boardroom & Coffee Break
Studio 8 - Boardroom Setup
Millennium Ballroom - Classroom Setup
Millennium Ballroom - Classroom Setup
Millennium Ballroom - Theater Setup
Mangosteen Outside Location
Mangosteen Outside Catering
Hub 4 - Pre-Function Area
Hub 3
Hub 2
Hub 2 - Coffee Break
Hub 2 - Live Cooking
Hub 4 - Lunch Break
Hub 1 - Lunch Break
Century Ballroom - Classroom Setup
Click Share Technology
Terrace - Barbecue setup
Terrace - Barbecue
Terrace - Beverage Station
Terrace - Lounge Setup


Studio 1 - Ceremony Details
Millennium Ballroom - Reception
Century Ballroom - Reception
Mangosteen Outside Location - Weddings


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