700 Avenue Michel Jasmin, Montreal H9P1C5 Canada
+1 514-631-2424

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Guest Rooms

Dorval airport hotel guest rooms
Queen/Queen Guest Room
Montreal airport hotel king room
King Guest Room
montreal airport hotel bathroom
Guest Bathroom


Dorval airport hotel studio suites
Queen/Queen Studio Suite
Montreal airport king suites
King Suite
Montreal airport king studio suite
King Studio Suite

Services & amenities

Montreal hotel front desk
Front Desk
Montreal hotels with airport shuttle
Airport Shuttle


Montreal airport hotel bar
Napa Lounge
Montreal hotels with complimentary breakfast
Fairfield Café

Recreation & fitness

Montreal airport hotel with pool
Indoor Pool
Montreal airport hotel fitness center
Fitness Room

Events & meetings

Meeting space near Montreal airport
Toscana Meeting Room

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott® Montreal Airport