2125 Victoria Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 0S3 Canada
+1 306-522-7691

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Hotel views

Lobby - Front Desk
Lobby Décor - Clock
Décor - Monogram Chair

Guest Rooms

Queen/Queen Guest Room
King Guest Room
Executive King Guest Room
Guest Bathroom
The Hotel Saskatchewan
Bathroom Vanity
Monogram Robe


Whirlpool Suite
Whirlpool Suite Guest Bathroom
Deluxe Suite – Sleeping Area
Deluxe Suite – Living Area
Luxury Suite - Bedroom
Luxury Suite - Living Room
Junior Suite
Junior Suite Guest Bathroom
Royal Suite
Royal Suite - Dining Room
Royal Suite Detail


Barber Shop & Shoe Shine


Tea Room
Circa 27
Circa 27 Lounge
Circa 27 Restaurant
Circa 27 Restaurant Detail
Circa 27 – Share Plate
Bar and Lounge

Events & meetings

Pre-Function Area
Whitehall Dining Room
Brighton Executive Boardroom
Blue Lounge Meeting Room
Wascana Meeting Room
Victoria Meeting Room
Saskatchewan Meeting Room
Regina Meeting Room
Oak Meeting Room
Library Meeting Room
Regency Ballroom


Regency Ballroom - Wedding Reception
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