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Reception Desk

Guest Rooms

Double/Double Deluxe Guest Room
Alexandrian Guest Room - Queen Bed
Deluxe Guest Room
King Courtyard View Guest Room
Alexandrian Guest Room - Work Space
Terrace Room - Balcony View
Guest Bathroom
King Guest Room
Whirlpool Guest Room
Whirlpool Tub


Loft Suite Living & Sleeping Spaces
Loft Suite
Signature Suite - Bedroom
Signature Suite With Sofa Bed
Loft Suite With Sofa Bed
One-Bedroom King Suite




Jackson 20
Jackson 20

Recreation & fitness

Indoor Pool
Indoor Pool Lounge Seating
Fitness Center
Fitness Center - Cardio Equipment

Events & meetings

Old Town Ballroom - Classroom Setup
Old Town Ballroom - U-shape Setup
Old Town Ballroom - Banquet Setup
Rosemont Room - U-Shape Setup
Rosemont Room - Classroom Setup
Rosemont Room - Banquet Setup
Meeting Room - Conference Setup
Landmark Boardroom

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