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Front Desk
Outdoor Patio
Outdoor Patio High Table

Guest rooms

Queen/Queen Guest Room
King Guest Room
Larger King Guest Room
King Lake View Guest Room with Balcony
King Lake View Guest Room
King Lake View Guest Room
Guest Room Work Desk
PURE Air Filter
PURE® Pillows
Guest Bathroom


One-Bedroom King Suite Living Area
One Bedroom King Suite - Bedroom


Lobby GoBoard
Business Center
Lobby Home Theater
24-Hour Market
Media Pods
Communal Table
Outdoor Patio Fire-Pit


The Bistro
The Bistro
Communal Table
Bistro Signature Starbucks® Latte
Bistro Breakfast Sandwich
Skillet Meatballs
Green Goddess Chicken BLT
Black Cherry Old Fashioned

Recreation & fitness

Fitness Center

Nearby attractions

Washingtonian and Rio Centers
Washingtonian & Rio Centers
Washingtonian Center
Washingtonian Center
Washingtonian Lake
Washingtonian Lake
Washington, DC
Washington, DC

Events & meetings

Rio Ballroom - Conference Setup
Rio Ballroom - Theater Setup
Rio Ballroom - Classroom Setup
Rio Ballroom - Banquet Setup
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