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Hotel views

Front Desk
Lobby Seating

Guest rooms

Single Guest Room
Queen Guest Room
guest room with queen-size bed.
Queen Guest Room
Standard Room Bed
Queen Guest Room - Sleeping Area
Rose King Bedroom
Rose King Living Area
Deluxe King Bedroom
Double Guest Room
Double Guest Room
King Guest Room
Guest Bathroom
Guest Bathroom
In-Room Amenities

Services & amenities

Concierge Desk
Bell Service
Room Service


Business Center


Oasis - Entrance
Oasis Seating Area
Oasis - Afternoon Tea
Fiore - Dining Area
Fiore Buffet Restaurant
FIORE - Seating
Muraki Entrance
Ginza Muraki - Private Room Fuji
Ginza Muraki - Tatami Room
Ginza Muraki - Tatami Room
Bar Korin Counter seating area
Korin Bar Table Seating Area
Bar Korin Cocktails

Recreation & fitness

Fitness Center

Events & meetings

Tatsuta Meeting Room
Tatsuta Meeting Room
Tatsuta Meeting Room - Classroom
Fuyo Meeting Room - U-Shape
Fuyo Meeting Room - Reception
Kiku Meeting Room - Hollow Square
Fuji Meeting Room
L'Osier D'or Meeting Room - Hollow Square
Tableau Meeting Room
Orchid Meeting Room
Sakura Ballroom - Banquet
Sakura Meeting Room
Sakura Meeting Room
Sakura Ballroom - Gala Dinner
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