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Hotel views

Front Desk
Lobby Seating

Guest Rooms

Queen Guest Room
Rose King Bedroom
Deluxe King Bedroom
Rose King Living Area
Double Guest Room
Double Guest Room
guest room with queen-size bed.
Queen Guest Room
Standard Room Bed
Queen Guest Room - Sleeping Area
King Guest Room
Guest Bathroom
Guest Bathroom
In-Room Amenities

Services & amenities

Concierge Desk
Bell Service
Room Service


Business Center


Oasis - Entrance
Oasis Seating Area
Oasis - Afternoon Tea
Fiore - Dining Area
Fiore Buffet Restaurant
FIORE - Seating
Muraki Entrance
Ginza Muraki - Private Room Fuji
Ginza Muraki - Tatami Room
Ginza Muraki - Tatami Room
Bar Korin Counter seating area
Korin Bar Table Seating Area
Bar Korin Cocktails

Recreation & fitness

Fitness Center

Events & meetings

Orchid Meeting Room
Tatsuta Meeting Room - Classroom Setup
Sakura Ballroom - Banquet Setup
Sakura Ballroom - Gala Dinner
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