Swindon Marriott Hotel

Pipers Way, Swindon SN3 1SH United Kingdom
+44 1793 512121

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Reception Desk & Lobby

Guest Rooms

Double/Double Guest Room
Deluxe Double/Double Guest Room
Queen Guest Room
Deluxe Queen Guest Room
Superior Double Guest Room
Superior King Guest Room
Guest Bathroom


One-Bedroom Suite


Hotel Lawn


Cast Iron Bar & Grill - Semi-Private Dining
Cast Iron Bar & Grill
Cast Iron Bar & Grill
Cast Iron Bar & Grill - Breakfast
Cast Iron Bar & Grill - Set Menu
Cast Iron Bar & Grill – Salmon Salad
Cast Iron Bar & Grill – Sundae
Cast Iron Bar & Grill - G&T Afternoon Tea
Breakfast Area
Intimate Private Dining
Intimate Private Dining

Recreation & fitness

Indoor Pool
Fitness Center
Fitness Center
Tennis Court
Tennis Court

Nearby attractions

Cotswolds - Traditional Stone House
Cotswolds Village
The Bristolian at STEAM
The Bristolian at STEAM Museum

Events & meetings

Meetings Made - Buffet
Pewsey Suite - Ideate Setup
Cherhill Suite - Educate
Cherhill Suite
Cherhill Suite - U-Shape Setup
Uffington Suite Meeting
Uffington Suite - Theatre Setup
Event space in Swindon
Bratton Suite - Classroom Setup
Uffington Suite – Banquet Setup
Uffington Suite - Cabaret Setup


Uffington Suite – Wedding Reception
Uffington Suite - Wedding Setup
Uffington Suite – Wedding Ceremony
Uffington Suite – Wedding Ceremony
Catering - Bubbly Bar
Catering - Cupcake Table
Catering - Dessert Table
Catering - Gin Bar
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