The Westin Bund Center, Shanghai

Bund Center, 88 Henan Central Road, Shanghai 200002 China
+86 21 6335 1888

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Guest rooms

King Grand Deluxe Guest Room
King Grand Studio Guest Room
Crown Deluxe
Crown Deluxe King Bed Guest Room
Crown Deluxe
King Crown Deluxe Guest Room
King Kids Guest Room
Twin/Twin Crown Studio Guest Room
Twin/Twin Grand Deluxe Guest Room
Twin/Twin Crown Deluxe Guest Room
Workout Guest Room
Workout Guest Room
Crown Studio Bedroom
Crown Studio Guest Room - Sleeping Area
Crown Studio Sitting Room
Crown Studio Guest Room - Sitting Area
Crown Studio
Crown Studio Guest Room
Grand Studio Bedroom
Grand Studio Guest Bedroom
Crown Deluxe Guest Bathroom
Grande Deluxe Bathroom
Grand Deluxe Guest Room – Bathroom
Crown Studio Guest Room - Bathroom
Guest Bathroom
Guest Bathroom
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