Fairfield Inn & Suites Santa Fe

3625 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507 USA
+1 505-474-3900

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Hotel views

Front Desk
Lobby Area

Guest rooms

Queen/Queen Guest Room
Queen/Queen Guest Bedroom
Queen/Queen Guest Room Amenities
Queen/Queen Guest Bathroom
King Guest Room
King Guest Room
King Guest Room Amenities
Guest Bathroom


Queen/Queen Suite - Living Room Area
Queen/Queen Suite
King Suite - Living Room Area
King Suite
Queen/Queen Suite Bedroom
Queen/Queen Suite Amenities
King Suite Living Space
King Suite Bedroom
Suite Bathroom
Accessible Guest Bathroom


Business Center
The Corner Market
Outdoor Patio


Breakfast Area
Breakfast Dining Area
Breakfast Buffet
Breakfast Buffet
Toppings of the Morning
A Healthy Wake Up Call
Hot Breakfast
The Morning Mix

Recreation & fitness

Indoor Pool
Hot Tub and Indoor Pool
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