Residence Inn Raleigh Downtown

616 South Salisbury Street, Raleigh, North Carolina 27601 USA
+1 919-856-0017

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Hotel views

Front Desk
Front Desk
Lobby - Seating Area
Upper Lobby


Hospitality Suite
Hospitality Suite
Hospitality Suite
Hospitality Suite - Bedroom
Hospitality Suite Bathroom
Studio King Suite
Studio King Suite - Living Area
Studio King Suite - Living Area
Studio King Suite - Kitchen
Studio King Suite - Bathroom
Studio Queen/Queen Suite
Studio Queen/Queen Suite
Studio Queen/Queen Suite - Living Area
Studio Queen/Queen Suite - Dining Area
Studio Queen/Queen Suite - Bathroom
Connecting Studio King Suite
Connecting Studio King Suite - Living Area
Connecting Studio King Suite - Work Desk
Connecting Studio King Suite - Kitchen
Connecting Studio King Suite - Bathroom
Connecting Queen/Queen Studio Suite
Connecting Queen/Queen Suite - Bathroom
Balcony One-Bedroom Suite - Living Area
Balcony One-Bedroom Accessible Suite - Dining Area
Balcony One-Bedroom Suite - Work Desk
Balcony One-Bedroom Suite - Kitchen
Balcony One-Bedroom Suite - Bathroom
Balcony One-Bedroom Accessible Suite - Bathroom
One-Bedroom Suite - Living Area
One-Bedroom Suite - Bedroom
One-Bedroom Suite - Dining Area
One-Bedroom King Suite - Living area
One-Bedroom King Suite
One-Bedroom King Suite - Bathroom
One-Bedroom Suite - Accessible Bedroom
Queen/Queen One-Bedroom Suite - Living Area
Queen/Queen One-Bedroom Suite
Queen/Queen One-Bedroom Suite - Dining Area
Queen/Queen One-Bedroom Suite - Kitchen
Queen/Queen One-Bedroom Accessible Suite - Bathroom
Corner One-Bedroom Suite
Corner One-Bedroom Suite
Connecting Studio King Suite
Corner One-Bedroom Suite - Dining Area
Corner One-Bedroom Suite - Bathroom
Bathroom Amenities


Coffee Station
Business Center
The Market


10th & Terrace - Dining Area
10th & Terrace - Dining Area
10th & Terrace - Bar
10th & Terrace - View
Overlook - Dining Area
Overlook - Dining Area
Overlook - Patio
Breakfast Buffet
Breakfast Buffet
Free Hot Breakfast
Complimentary Breakfast
Fresh Waffles & Toppings
Complimentary Breakfast - Your Perfect Waffle
Complimentary Breakfast - Yogurt, Topped Off
Free Breakfast - Toast with Hard Cooked Eggs

Recreation & fitness

Fitness Center
Fitness Center

Nearby attractions

Red Hat Amphitheatre
Downtown Raleigh
Raleigh Convention Center
State Capitol
State Fair
North Carolina Museum of Natural History
PNC Arena
Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts
Duke Energy for the Performing Arts
NCSU Bell Tower

Events & meetings

Innovation Meeting Room
Innovation I & II
Meeting Room - Theatre Style
Meeting Room
Meeting Space


Wedding Details
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