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Guest rooms

Twin/Twin Allegro Guest Room - City View & Balcony
Twin/Twin Vivace Guest Room
Queen Piccolo Guest Room
King Adagio Guest Room
King Allegro Guest Room
King Vivace Guest Room
Guest Bathroom
Allegro Guest Room - Bathroom


Junior Aria Suite
Junior Puccini Suite
One-Bedroom Maestro Suite
One-Bedroom Maestro Suite
Junior Aria Suite - Bathroom
Junior Puccini Suite - Bathroom
One-Bedroom Maestro Suite - Bathroom
Maestro Suite Bathroom


Symphony Lounge
Symphony Lounge
Prelude of Existance Box
A History Untold


Legacy Restaurant
Legacy Restaurant
Legacy Bar
Sommità Roof Top Bar
Legacy Bar - Coffee Machine
Sommità Roof Top Terrace
Eterno Wine Cellar
Eterno Wine Cellar

Recreation & fitness

Fitness Center

Nearby attractions

The Walls
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