239 Summit Park Drive, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15275 USA
+1 412-494-9446

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Front Desk


Queen/Queen Suite - Living Area
King Suite - Living Area
Larger King Suite - Living Area
springhill suites guest bathroom
Guest Bathroom
pittsburg hotel accessible guest bathroom
Accessible Guest Bathroom Roll-In Shower


pittsburg airport hotel business center
Business Center
pittsburgh airport 24 hour market
The Market


springhill suites airport breakfast buffet
Breakfast Buffet
Breakfast Time Treats
Build a breakfast bowl with scrambled eggs and your choice of healthy and delicious toppings, including fresh spinach and salsa.
Oatmeal Designed by You
Yogurt Your Way

Recreation & fitness

pittsburgh airport hotel indoor pool
Indoor Pool
pittsburg airport hotel fitness center
Fitness Center

Events & meetings

pittsburgh airport hotel meeting room
Meeting Room

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