Paris Marriott Charles de Gaulle Airport Hotel

5 Allee du Verger, Zone Hoteliere, Roissy en France 95700 France
+33 1 34 38 53 53

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Charles de Gaulle Airport hotels
Paris airport hotel lobby

Guest rooms

Twin/Twin Guest Room
Twin/Twin Executive Guest Room
Family Guest Room
Family Guest Room
Deluxe King Guest Room
Paris CDG Airport Hotel Guest Bathroom
Guest Room - Bathroom
Hotel guest room bathroom paris cdg airport
Executive Guest Room - Bathroom


One-Bedroom Suite - Living Room

Services & amenities

Airport Shuttle


Roissy business airport hotels
Business Center


Biscotti Coffee Shop
Hotel Lobby Lounge Bar Paris CDG Airport
Lobby Bar Lounge
Hotel Lobby Lounge Bar Paris CDG Airport
Lobby Bar Lounge
'Le 5' Restaurant & Lounge
Le Trivium
Hotel breakfast paris cdg airport
Le Trivium - Breakfast
Restaurants near Paris CDG Airport
Le Trivium - Starter
Restaurant with terrace in Roissy, near Paris Airport
Le Trivium - Outdoor Terrace
Roissy hotel outdoor terrace
Le Trivium - Outdoor Terrace
CDG hotel outdoor terrace restaurant
Le Trivium - Details

Recreation & fitness

Fitness Center - Treadmills and Weights
Fitness Center

Nearby attractions

Les Champs Elysées
Paris Notre Dame Cathedral, France
Notre Dame - Bateaux Mouches
Sacré Cœur in Montmartre, Paris
Sacré Coeur
Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
Eiffel Tower

Events & meetings

Studio 1 Meeting Room
Studio 3 Meeting Room - U-Shaped Setup
Studio 4 Meeting Room
Studio 5 Meeting Room
Studio 6 Meeting Room
Scene Meeting Room
Scene Meeting Room - Theater Setup
Scene Meeting Room - Banquet
Scene 1-2 Meeting Room
Loft 1-2-3
Gallery 1-2
Summer Coffee Break
Our versatile space at Paris Marriott Charles de Gaulle Hotel is perfect for your next social event in Roissy en France.
Social Events - Details
Meeting Breakout Area
Meetings Imagined - Cheese Picnic
Breakout - Buffet
Breakout - French Buffet
Catering Buffet
Catering - Chess Sets
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