AC Hotel Pleasanton

5990 Stoneridge Mall Road, Pleasanton, California 94588 USA
+1 925-475-4828

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Hotel views

Front Desk
Lobby Seating Area
Lobby Details

Guest rooms

King Guest Room - Seating Area
Corner King Deluxe Guest Room
Double/Double Guest Room
Deluxe Double/Double Guest Room
Corner Double/Double Guest Room
Double/Double Guest Room - Seating Area
Double/Double Guest Room
Guest Room - Mountain Views
Guest Room Amenities
Guest Bathroom - Walk-In Shower


King Suite - Living Area
King Suite - Sleeping Area
King Suite - Bathroom

Services & amenities

AC Lounge


Lavender Cart
AC Library
AC Library - Workstations
Business Center
AC Library - Media Salon
AC Library - Media Salon
AC Library - Media Salon Details
AC Store
AC Store
AC Hydration Station
Outdoor Patio & Firepit


AC Kitchen
AC Kitchen
AC Breakfast - Berkel Slicer
AC Kitchen - Cuisine
AC Lounge
AC Lounge - Seating Area
AC Lounge – Evening Activation
AC Lounge
AC Lounge - Signature GinTonic
AC Lounge - The Work Day Cocktail
AC Lounge - June Bloom Cocktail
AC Lounge Tapas
AC Lounge Cuisine

Recreation & fitness

Outdoor Pool
Poolside Cabanas
Outdoor Poolside Cabanas
Outdoor Pool Bar
Fitness Center
Fitness Center
Fitness Center - Hydration Station

Nearby attractions

Lake Merritt
Bay Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge

Events & meetings

AC Media Salon Patio
AC Meeting Space - Classroom Setup
AC Meeting Room - Reception Setup
AC Meeting Room - U-Shape Setup
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