Courtyard Mexico City Airport

Sinaloa 31, Penon de los Banos, Mexico City 15520 Mexico
+52 55 4631 4000

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Guest rooms

King Guest Room
Double/Double Guest Room
Mexico City Hotel Guest Bathroom
Guest Bathroom Vanity
Guest Bathroom - Shower
Guest Bathroom - Tub
Accessible Bathroom - Roll-in Shower


Suite Bedroom
Suite Living Room
Mexico City Hotel Suite Bathroom
Suite Bathroom Vanity

Services & amenities

Airport Connecting Bridge


Mexico City Business Hotel Library
Media Pods
Boarding Pass Station
The Market
Outdoor Patio


Mexico City Airport Hotel Bar
Centro Bar
Centro Bar
Hotel Mexico City Airport Restaurant
Centro Buffet Area

Recreation & fitness

Fitness Center

Events & meetings

Chapultepec Meeting Room
Roma Meeting Room
Anzures Meeting Room
Condesa Meeting Room U-Shape Setup
Napoles Meeting Room
Mexico City Hotel Event Rooms
Meeting Room – Banquet Setup
Mexico DF Hotel Event Services
Coffe Break - Meeting Room
Mexico City Hotel Events Catering
Coffee Break - Atrium


Hotels in Mexico City Airport Social Events
Napoles Meeting Room - Wedding Reception
Mexico City Airport Hotel Wedding
Meeting Room – Banquet Setup
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