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Entrance to Luxury Melbourne Hotel
Melbourne Luxury Hotel Lobby


One-Bedroom Suite - Bedroom
King Suite - Bedroom
King Suite - Living Area
King Suite - Sitting Area
King Suite - Bathroom
One-Bedroom Suite - Living Area
One-Bedroom Suite - Mini Bar

Services & amenities

Room Service


Country Bred on Lonsdale
Dining Room in Melbourne
The Essence - Dining Area
The Essence - Seared Scallops
Hotel Bar in Melbourne
Elements Lounge and Bar
Hotel Bar Lounge in Melbourne
Elements Lounge and Bar
The Essence - Breakfast Buffet
Salmon and Asparagus in Melbourne
The Essence - Dining Options
The Essence - Seafood Stack

Recreation & fitness

Indoor Pool
Fitness Center

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City View

Events & meetings

Moojerr Boardroom
The Exhibition Room - Cabaret Setup
The Exhibition Room - Classroom Setup
The Exhibition Room - U-Shape Setup
The Exhibition Room - Theatre Setup
Yarra Suite - Cabaret Setup
Yarra Suite - Classroom Setup
Yarra Suite - Theatre Setup
Yarra Suite - U-Shape Setup
Yarra Suite 2 - Cabaret Setup
Yarra Suite 2 - Classroom Setup
Yarra Suite 2 - Dinner Setup
Yarra Suite 2 - Theatre Setup
Yarra Suite 2 - U-Shape Setup

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