Element Melbourne Richmond

588 Swan Street, Richmond, Melbourne 3121 Australia
+61 3 9112 8888

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Guest Rooms

King Balcony Guest Room - Heavenly Bed & Balcony
View King Room
Twin/Twin Guest Room
Large King View Room
King Guest Room
Large King View Room
Large King View Room - Seating Area
Large King View Room - Seating Detail
Large King View Room - Kitchenette
Guest Room Kitchenette
King Balcony Guest Room - Balcony
Heavenly Bed Detail
Guest Bathroom


Pet Friendly Hotel


Mint Lane Restaurant
Lobby Lounge
Rise Breakfast
Restore Pantry
Mint Lane Restaurant - Entrance
Mint Lane Restaurant

Recreation & fitness

Motion Fitness Centre


Yoga Dome

Events & meetings

Level 5 Terrace
Skyline 2 Meeting Room
Skyline 2 Room - Dinner
Skyline 1 Meeting Room - U Shape
Skyline 1 Meeting Room - Cabaret Configuration
Burnley Boardroom
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