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Lobby Seating Area
Lobby & Communal Table
Welcome Pedestals

Guest rooms

Queen/Queen Guest Room
Double/Double Guest Room
King Guest Room with Sofa Bed
King Guest Room
King Guest Room - Sofa Bed
Guest Room - Work Area
Guest Room - Balcony
Guest Bathroom - Walk-In Shower
Guest Bathroom - Shower/Tub
Accessible Bathroom - Shower/Tub
Accessible Bathroom - Roll-In-Shower


King Suite - Living Area
King Suite - Bedroom
King Suite - Balcony
King Suite Bathroom - Walk-In Shower


Media Pods
Business Center
The Market
Outdoor Patio


The Bistro - Dining Area
The Bistro
The Bistro
Bistro Signature Starbucks® Latte
Bistro Breakfast Sandwich
Green Goddess Chicken BLT
Skillet Meatballs
Black Cherry Old Fashioned

Recreation & fitness

Outdoor Pool
Fitness Center
Hydration Station

Events & meetings

Lake Lily Boardroom
Lake Sybella Conference Room - Theatre Setup
Lake Sybella Conference Room - Classroom - Setup


Experience Our Hotel

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