Hotel Football, Old Trafford, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel

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Hotel views

Hotel view of Old Trafford from Heaven
City view from Heaven

Guest rooms

King Standard Guest Room
King Room with Stadium View
Class of 92 Room
Bespoke Class of 92 toiletries
Squad Room
Squad Room interior
Executive Guest Room - Sitting Area
Class of 92 Rooms
Class of 92 Rooms
Class of 92 Rooms
Deluxe Room with Stadium View
Rainforest Shower
Complimentary Mini-Fridge
Twin/Twin Stadium View Guest Room
Bed Top
Twin/Twin Standard Guest Room
Guest Bathroom
Guest Bathroom
Guest Bathroom
Accessible Bathroom
Deluxe Bathroom

Services & amenities

Hotel Football interior


Cafe Football Top Trumps
Cafe Football illustrations


Cafe Football Salt Chilli Squid
Cafe Football Cocktails
Matchday Hospitality Stadium View
Stadium Suite private dinners
Stadium Suite private dinners
Cafe Football meetings
Cafe Football children's menu
Cafe Football breakfast
Cafe Football Old Trafford
Afternoon Tea
Dads and lads
Cafe Football Old Trafford

Recreation & fitness

Hotel Football Gym
Hotel Football Gym


Heaven As Football Camp
Rooftop football pitch 'Heaven'
Cafe Football sticker album
Heaven Rooftop View
Matchday hospitality

Events & meetings

92 Suite Boardroom
Old Trafford Supporters Club set-up
Old Trafford Supporters Club - Private Dinners
Hotel Football Players Kitchen
Players Lounge - Birthday Cake
Players Lounge - Kitchen
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