Plaza Parade, Maida Vale, London NW6 5RP United Kingdom
+44 20 7543 6000

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Hotel's Exterior in North London

Guest Rooms

Double/Double Deluxe Guest Room
Deluxe Guest Room
Executive Guest Room
Guest Bathroom
Guest Room Details
Guest Room Amenities


Executive Suite - Living Room
Executive Suite - Living Room
Executive Suite - Bathroom
Presidential Suite - Bedroom
Presidential Suite – Master Bedroom
Presidential Suite
Presidential Suite - Living Area
Presidential Suite - Bedroom
Presidential Suite - Kitchen

Services & amenities

Executive Lounge


‘Wall of Fame’


Carluccio’s Restaurant
Carluccio's Bar
Carluccio's - Cakes
Maida Vale Outdoor Patio Pub
The Brew Bar Lounge

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Modern Hotel near London Eye
London Eye

Events & meetings

Whitestone Meeting Room - Conference Setup
Whitestone Meeting Room - Theater Setup
Westbourne Meeting Room - U-Shape Setup
Westbourne Meeting Room 1 & 3 - Conference Setup
Westbourne 2 Meeting Room
Westbourne 3 Meeting Room
Westbourne 4 Meeting Room
Westbourne Meeting Room - Banquet Setup
Tollgate Room
Tollgate Room

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