134 George Street, London W1H 5DN United Kingdom
+44 20 7723 1277

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Lobby Seating Area

Guest Rooms

King Executive Guest Room
Double/Double Guest Room
Superior King Guest Room
Deluxe King Guest Room
London Marriott Hotel Marble Arch
Guest Bathroom

Services & amenities

London Marriott Marble Arch Executive Lounge
Executive Lounge
Executive Lounge – Breakfast Buffet
Executive Lounge – Evening Buffet


The Pickled Hen
The Pickled Hen
The Pickled Hen - Bar Area
The Pickled Hen - Seating Area
The Pickled Hen - The Pickled Ploughman’s
The Pickled Hen - Double Chocolate Brownie
The Pickled Hen - Frickles
The Pickled Hen - English Breakfast

Recreation & fitness

London Marriott Hotel Pool
Indoor Pool
Fitness Center

Nearby attractions

Connaught Village – Shopping Street
 Buckingham Palace London
Buckingham Palace

Events & meetings

Westmacott Lobby
Westmacott Suite – Classroom Setup
Westmacott Suite - Awards Dinner
Seacole and Nightingale - Boardroom Setup
Thomas More Suite Two – Boardroom Setup
Thomas More 1 - Boardroom Setup

London Marriott® Hotel Marble Arch