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London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square

Guest rooms

Queen Deluxe Guest Room
Double/Double Superior Guest Room
Twin/Twin Deluxe Guest Room
King Executive Guest Room - Sitting Area
King Executive Guest Room
King Deluxe Square View Guest Room
Deluxe Guest Room - Entertainment Area
Grosvenor Square View
Deluxe Guest Room - Bathroom
King Executive Guest Room - Bathroom


Balcony Suite
Balcony Rooms
Balcony Suite Private Garden
Balcony Suite Private Garden
One-Bedroom Suite - Living Room
One-Bedroom Suite - Bedroom
One-Bedroom Suite - Bathroom

Services & amenities

Executive Lounge
Executive Lounge
Executive Lounge Seating Area


Media Wall
Lobby Media Wall


Luggage Room Bar
The Luggage Room Bar Entrance
Luggage Room, Grosvenor Square
The Luggage Room Bar
Luggage Room, London
The Luggage Room Bar
The Luggage Room
The Luggage Room Bar
Luggage Room, UK
The Luggage Room Bar

Recreation & fitness

Leisure Club – Weight Machines
Leisure Club – Cardio Equipment

Events & meetings

Whitehall Suite
Berkeley Suite - Boardroom
Mayfair Suite Meetings Imagined
Mayfair Suite Meetings
Mayfair Suite Boardroom
Mayfair Suite - Boardroom
Mayfair Suite - Dinner
Mayfair Suite - Dinner
Westminster Ballroom
Westminster Ballroom - Event Venue


Westminster Ballroom - Nuptial Gathering
Westminster Ballroom - Details
Dry Ice
Banqueting’s Signature Dessert – Dry Ice
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