Ditton Road, Langley, Slough SL3 8PT United Kingdom
+44 1753 544244

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Heathrow/Windsor Marriott Hotel
Lobby Area Heathrow/Windsor Marriott Hotel
Patio Area in Heathrow London
Patio Area

Guest Rooms

Deluxe Guest Room
Deluxe Guest Room
Deluxe Double/Double Guest Room
Deluxe Double/Double Guest Room
Accommodation near Heathrow
Deluxe Double Guest Room


Junior Suite, Heathrow/Windsor Marriott
Junior Suite
Presidential Suite Heathrow/Windsor Marriott Hotel
Presidential Suite - Living Area
Heathrow/Windsor Marriott suite
Presidential Suite – Sleeping Area

Services & amenities

Executive Lounge
Executive Lounge
Executive Lounge, Heathrow/Windsor Marriott
Executive Lounge


International Restaurant in Heathrow
Market Kitchen
Heathrow Dining at Brasserie Centrale
Market Kitchen
Heathrow London Hotel Restaurant
The Brew Bar Lounge

Recreation & fitness

Windsor Hotel with Indoor Pool
Indoor Pool
Leisure Club


Children's play area & tennis courts
Outdoor Patio

Nearby attractions

Windwor Castle near Hotel
Windsor Castle

Events & meetings

Caernarfon Room
Warwick Room
Heathrow Boardroom in United Kingdom
Heathrow Airport Hotel Meeting Rooms
Buckingham Suite - Banqueting Set Up
Meeting room Heathrow/Windsor Marriott Hotel
Buckingham Suite - Meetings Imagined
Castle Room – Ante Area
Windsor Conference Refreshments
Conference Breakout

Heathrow/Windsor Marriott® Hotel