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Torrance Redondo Beach suite hotel


Double/Double Studio Suite
Queen Studio Suite
Studio Suite - Sleeping Area
Studio Suite - Work Desk
Bi-Level Penthouse Suite
Studio Suite - Fireplace
Penthouse Suite - Bedroom
Penthouse Suite – Sleeping Area
Penthouse Suite - Pull-out Sofa
Penthouse Kitchen
Penthouse Suite - Work Desk
Penthouse Suite - Bathroom
Penthouse Suite - Loft Bathroom
Suite Kitchen
Suite Bathroom

Services & amenities

Torrance Redondo Beach EV Charging
EV Charging Station


Redondo Beach Hotel Business Center
Business Center
Torrance Redondo Beach Market
The Market
Torrance Suite Hotel with Library
Torrance Redondo Beach all suite hotel
Communal Table
Guest Laundry
Redondo Beach Hotel Outdoor Seating
Outdoor Patio
Fire Pit


Breakfast Buffet Redondo Beach Hotel
Breakfast Buffet
Redondo Beach all suite hotel
Torrance All Suite Hotel Dining
Lobby Dining Area
Outdoor Space
Outdoor Space
Food Trucks - Residence Inn Mix
Residence Inn Mix - Food Trucks
It's On - Residence Inn Mix
It's On - Residence Inn Mix
Off the Grill - Residence Inn Mix
Residence Inn Mix
Free Hot Breakfast
Complimentary Breakfast
Fresh Waffles & Toppings
Complimentary Breakfast - Your Perfect Waffle
Complimentary Breakfast - Yogurt, Topped Off

Recreation & fitness

Redondo Beach Hotel Outdoor Pool
Outdoor Pool
Fitness Center Torrance Hotel
Fitness Center
Sport Court®

Nearby attractions

Downtown Los Angeles
Dodger Stadium
Southern California Beaches
Pacific Ocean
Queen Mary

Events & meetings

Torrance Hotel Meeting Space
Meeting Space
Torrance Redondo Beach All Suite Hotel
Upstairs Lounge
Torrance Redondo Beach Meeting Space Hotel
Meeting Details


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