Greenville Marriott

One Parkway East, Greenville, South Carolina 29615 USA
+1 864-297-0300

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Hotel views

Front Desk
Patio & Garden Area

Guest Rooms

Double/Double Guest Room
King Guest Room
Guest Room - Living Area
In-Room Amenities
Guest Bathroom
Guest Bathroom - Vanity


Presidential Suite - Living Area
Presidential Suite
Presidential Suite
Presidential Suite - Guest Bedroom
Presidential Suite - Dining Area
Junior Suite - Living Area
Junior Suite - Dining Area
Junior Suite - Bedroom
Junior Suite
Suite Bathroom
Suite Bathroom

Services & amenities

Concierge Executive Lounge


Business Center
Business Center


Artisan Bar
Artisan - Private Dining
Artisan Restaurant

Recreation & fitness

Outdoor Pool
Outdoor Pool
Outdoor Pool
Fitness Center
Fitness Center Detail


MG'S Grand Day Spa - Lobby

Events & meetings

Pre-Function Area
Chateau Ballroom - Banquet
Chateau Ballroom - Banquet
Technic Amphiteatre
Zinfandel Meeting Room
Meritage Meeting and Event Space.
Reception venues in greenville south carolina
Meritage – Banquet Setup
Meritage Meeting and Event Space
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