1730 N Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, Washington 98801 USA
+1 509-667-2775

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Hotel views

Wenatchee Marriott hotel friendly staff
Front Desk
Wenatchee Marriott hotel lobby
Front Desk & Lobby
Wenatchee Hotel Lobby
Lobby Sitting Area
Wenatchee contemporary hotel
Contemporary Aesthetics


King Suite
King Suite
Queen/Queen Suite
Queen/Queen Suite


Wenatchee Marriott hotel snack market
The Market
Wenatchee Marriott hotel business reception
Reception Area
Wenatchee hotel business center
Business Center


Wenatchee hotel free breakfast
Breakfast Bar
Wenatchee Hot Breakfast
Breakfast Bar
Wenatchee hotel complimentary business breakfast
Complimentary Breakfast
Wenatchee Marriott Hotel family friendly
Delicious Selections
Wenatchee Marriott hotel meal reception
Managers Reception
Breakfast Time Treats
Build a breakfast bowl with scrambled eggs and your choice of healthy and delicious toppings, including fresh spinach and salsa.
Oatmeal Designed by You
Yogurt Your Way

Recreation & fitness

Wenatchee Hotel indoor pool
Pool Waterfall
Wenatchee Marriott pool hot tub
Indoor Pool
Wenatchee Marriott hotel fitness
Fitness Center

Events & meetings

Wenatchee Marriott hotel meeting space
Meeting Room

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