5780 Haggerty Road, Canton, Michigan 48187 USA
+1 734-844-0077

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TownePlace Suites Hotel
Front Desk
Lobby TowneMap®
Lobby Lounge


Studio Suite
Studio Suite
One-Bedroom Suite Living Room
One-Bedroom Suite Living Room
Queen/Queen Studio Suite
Queen/Queen Studio Suite
elfa® closet from The Container Store®
Elfa® closet from The Container Store®
Home Office Suite
Home Office™ Desk
TownePlace Suites Kitchen
Suite Kitchen
TownePlace Suites Vanity & Bathroom Area
Suite Vanity & Bathroom Area


TownePlace Suites Outdoor Grill
Outdoor Grill
Weber Grill®


TownePlace Suites Breakfast Area
Breakfast Area

TownePlace Suites by Marriott®Detroit Canton