8535 West Higgins Road, Chicago, Illinois 60631 USA
+1 773-693-4444

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Hotel views

Chicago Airport Hotel
Chicago O’Hare Airport Hotel
Chicago Blue Line Hotel
Lobby Sitting Area


King Suite - Living Room
Accessible One-Bedroom Suite

Services & amenities

Hotel in Chicago O’Hare Airport Area
Concierge Lounge


Chicago Hotel Near O’Hare Airport
Chicagoland Restaurant
Brickton Private Dining Area
Hotel Near Blue Line Chicago
Brickton - Breakfast Buffet
Restaurant Near O’Hare
Brickton - Entrée
Chicagoland Restaurant
Lobby Bar & Restaurant
Chicago Airport Hotel Starbucks
Starbucks Coffee Kiosk

Recreation & fitness

Chicago Hotel Pool
Indoor/Outdoor Pool
Chicago Hotel Gym
Fitness Center

Nearby attractions

Chicago Hotel Near Blue Line
Jay Pritzker Pavilion
Hotel Near Blue Line Chicago
LaSalle Boulevard & Board of Trade
Wrigley Building Clock Tower
Chicago Hotel Near Airport
Buckingham Fountain
Chicago Hotel Near Train Station
Union Station

Events & meetings

Hotel Near Rosemont Center Outside Chicago
Pre-Function Area
Hotel Near the Convention Center in Chicago
U-Shape Meeting
Rosemont Convention Center
O'Hare Ballroom
Hotel Near Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
Ballroom Meeting


Wedding Near O’Hare
Chicago Ballroom - Wedding Ceremony

Chicago Marriott® O'Hare