BWI Airport Marriott

1743 West Nursery Road, Linthicum, Maryland 21090 USA
+1 410-859-8300
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Hotel views

Front Desk
Lobby Sitting Area
Hotel with Outdoor Patio and BBQ Grill
Outdoor Patio

Guest rooms

BWI hotel double/double room
Double/Double Guest Room
BWI airport king room
King Guest Room
BWI hotel executive king room
King Executive Suite
Arundel Mills executive king room
King Executive Suite
BWI hotel room with WiFi
In-Room Technology
BWI hotel spacious bathroom
Guest Bathroom


BWI parlor suite living room
Hospitality Suite
BWI hotel suite dining area
Hospitality Suite - Dining Area


BWI hotel lobby business area
Social Business Zone


Lobby Bar
Day/Night Bar with Starbucks® Lounge
Chesapeake Restaurant - Private Dining Rooms

Recreation & fitness

Annapolis Hotel with Indoor Pool
Indoor Pool
BWI hotel fitness center
Fitness Center
Fitness Center

Nearby attractions

BWI Airport
BWI Airport
Maryland Live! Casino in Baltimore
Maryland Live! Casino

Events & meetings

Executive Boardroom
Pre-Function Foyer
Grand Ballroom
Pennsylvania & Virginia - School Room Setup
Grand Ballroom - Social Setup
Grand Ballroom - Theater Setup


Grand Ballroom - Wedding Ceremony Setup
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