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Bristol city centre hotel lobby

Guest Rooms

Deluxe Double/Double Bedroom - City View
Guest Bedroom
Deluxe Queen Bedroom
Bristol City Centre Bedroom
Superior Guest Room
Executive Bedroom
Executive Bedroom
Guest Bathroom


Bristol City Centre Suite
Junior Suite

Services & amenities

Bristol City Centre Executive Lounge
Executive Lounge


The Brew Bar Lounge
Brew Bar Lounge - Rooftop Terrace Bar
Cast Iron Grill
Restaurant in Bristol
Cast Iron Grill
Cast Iron Grill - Breakfast
Cast Iron Grill - Set Menu
Cast Iron Grill – Salmon Salad
Cast Iron Grill – Sundae

Recreation & fitness

Indoor Pool
Fitness Center

Nearby attractions

Explore @Bristol
Blue Reef Bristol
Bristol Blue Reef Aquarium
Clifton Suspension Bridge
Clifton Suspension Bridge
St Pierre Golf
St Pierre Country Club Golf Courses

Events & meetings

Community Street Meeting Room
Empire Meeting Room One - Theatre Setup
Empire Meeting Room Two - Banquet Setup
SS Great Britain Room One - Classroom Setup
SS Great Britain Room Two - U Shape Setup
Concord Room with Break
Bristol Suite Corporate Dinner
Bristol One Meeting Room - Banquet Setup
Bristol Room Two - Theatre Setup
Bristol Suite - Banquet Style
Bristol Suite - Banqueting
Wallace Suite - Boardroom Setup
Wallace Suite
Wallace Suite - Boardroom Setup
Wallace Room With Break


Wedding at Bristol hotel
Great Britain Suite - Wedding Ceremony
Wedding venue in Bristol
Conservatory - Wedding Breakfast
Bristol Suite – Banquet Setup
Conservatory - Wedding Reception
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