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Bristol city centre hotel lobby

Guest Rooms

Deluxe Double/Double Bedroom - City View
Guest Bedroom
Deluxe Queen Bedroom
Bristol City Centre Bedroom
Executive Larger Bedroom
Executive Bedroom
Executive Bedroom
Bristol City Centre Coffee Machine
Guest Bedroom Coffee Station
Guest Bathroom


Bristol City Centre Suite
Junior Suite

Services & amenities

Bristol City Centre Executive Lounge
Executive Lounge


Bristol City Centre Terrace Bar
Terrace Bar
Bristol City Centre Starbucks Lounge
Starbucks Lounge Area
Brew Bar Lounge - Rooftop Terrace Bar
Cast Iron Grill
Restaurant in Bristol
Cast Iron Grill
Cast Iron Grill - Caramelised Scallops
Cast Iron Grill - Set Menu
Cast Iron Grill - Toffee & Ginger Skillet Pudding

Recreation & fitness

Indoor Pool
Fitness Center

Nearby attractions

Explore @Bristol
Blue Reef Bristol
Bristol Blue Reef Aquarium
The Grand Appeal
Clifton Suspension Bridge
Clifton Suspension Bridge
St Pierre Golf
St Pierre Country Club Golf Courses

Events & meetings

Community Street Meeting Room
Empire Meeting Room One - Theatre Setup
Empire Meeting Room Two - Banquet Setup
SS Great Britain Room One - Classroom Setup
SS Great Britain Room Two - U Shape Setup
Concord Room with Break
Bristol Suite Corporate Dinner
Bristol One Meeting Room - Banquet Setup
Bristol Room Two - Theatre Setup
Bristol Suite - Banquet Style
Bristol Suite - Banqueting
Wallace Suite - Boardroom Set Up
Wallace Suite
Wallace Suite - Boardroom Set Up
Wallace Room With Break


Wedding at Bristol hotel
Great Britain Suite - Wedding Ceremony
Wedding venue in Bristol
Conservatory - Wedding Breakfast
Bristol Suite – Banquet Setup
Conservatory - Wedding Reception

Bristol Marriott® Hotel City Centre