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Guest Rooms

Deluxe Room
King Deluxe Guest Room
Premier Deluxe Room
King Mountain View Premier Deluxe Guest Room with Balcony
Grand Deluxe Room Bathroom
Grand Deluxe Guest Room - Bathroom
Grand Deluxe Room
King Mountain View Grand Deluxe Guest Room with Balcony
Guest Bathroom
Superior Guest Room - Bathroom
Superior Room
King Superior Guest Room


Designer Suite
Designer Suite Living Area
Royal Residence Dining Room
Royal Residence Dining Area
Grand Suite
One-Bedroom Grand Suite
Grand Suite - Bathroom
Grand Suite Bathroom
Royal Residence Living Room
Royal Residence Living Area
Pavilion Suite
Two-Bedroom Pavilion Suite
Royal Residence Bedroom
Five-Bedroom Royal Residence - Master Bedroom
Royal Residence Library
Royal Residence Library Area
Signature Suite
One-Bedroom Mountain View Signature Suite with Balcony
Designer Suite - Bathroom
Designer Suite Bathroom
Grand Hills Suite - Bedroom
One-Bedroom Mountain View Grand Hills Suite with Balcony
Grand Hills Suite - Living Room
Grand Hills Suite Living Area


Fakhreddine Salon
Lobby Sitting Area
Outdoor Patio
Luxurious Antique Interior
Napoleon Salon
Lobby Sitting Area
Quartier Pinede
Outdoor Patio


Cigar Lounge
Cigar Lounge

Recreation & fitness

Fitness Center - Indoor Pool
Indoor Pool
Royal Residence Pool
Royal Residence Pool Area

Events & meetings

Afrah Ballroom - Banquet up
Afrah Ballroom - Wedding Reception
Afrah Ballroom - Classroom Set up
Afrah Ballroom - Classroom Setup
Meeting Room
Meeting Room - Conference Setup
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