The Westin Grand, Berlin

Friedrichstrasse 158-164, Berlin 10117 Germany
+49 30 20270
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Hotel views

View at corner Behrenstrasse/Friedrichstrasse

Guest rooms

King Bed, wardrobe, mini-fridge, coffee-tea-maker
Linden Superior King - Larger room
Large work-desk, recamier at window, king bed
Superior View King with King Bed - Larger room
King bed, wardrobe, mini-fridge, tea-coffe-maker,
Superior View King with King bed - Larger room
View at Unter den Linden boulevard, Reichstag
View - Superior Panoramic King
View at Bouldevard Unter den Linden
Superior Panoramic King - View
View Boulevard Unter den Linden at Reichstag
View - Superior Panoramic King and Juniorsuite UDL
Guest Room Deluxe High Floor
Linden Superior Twin - Larger room
View from Guest room at Friedrichstraße
Guest room - Deluxe King High Floor
View from Guest room
Guest Room Deluxe King
Deluxe King with King Bed
Superior Panoramic King
Guest Room - Superior Panoramic King
Single beds, luggage rack, desk, recamier
Deluxe Twin with 2 Single Beds
Recamier at window, 2 single beds, wardrobe
Deluxe Twin with 2 Single Beds
Big desk, oversize armchair, 2 single beds
Linden Superior Twin, 2 single beds
King Bed, luggage rack, desk, oversize armchair
Garden Deluxe, King Bed, Garden View
Recamier, desk, wardrobe, king bed
Garden Deluxe, Garden View, King Bed
Desk, Garden view, Oversize armchair, King Bed
Garden Superior King Room
King Bed, wardrobe, coffeemaker, oversize armchair
Garden Superior King, King BEd
Desk, XXL armchair, King Bed
Linden Superior King, King Bed
Balcony, Desk, Luggage Rack, Wardrobe,  King Bed
Balcony Deluxe King with balcony
King Bed, Oversize armchair, city view with sights
Balcony Deluxe King with balcony
Queen, TOP Floor Deluxe Room
Linden Superior Room
Garden View Guest Room
Deluxe Guest Room, View Example
Garden Superior View Guest Room
Twin/Garden Superior Rooms
King Garden Superior Guest Room
Garden Deluxe Room - View
Walk in rain shower, lighted vanity,  large mirrow
Guest Room - Bath Lindenwing
Bathroom (example) in Main Building


TV, arcmchair, sofabed, large work desk
Westin Grand Apartment - Living room with sofabed
King bed, recamier, backlit picture
Westin Grand Apartment - King bed
Recamier, backlit picture, cupboard, King bed
Westin Grand Apartment, Bed room
Kitchenette - microwave - stove - cupboard - coffe
Westin Grand Apartment - Kitchnenette
Living room with sofabed, desk, TV
Apartment with additional Sofabed
Double washstand, walk-in rain shower, bathtub
Westin Grand Apartment - Bathroom
Living room with Sofabed, kid's corner, Bed room
Apartment with Sofabed and kid's corner
Kind Bed, recamier, backlit Berlin picture
Apartment with King Bed and backlit Berlin picture
Recamier, backlit picture, cupboard, Kingbed
Apartment, Bedroom, Living room
Work desk, Sofabed, armchair, TV
Apartment with Sofabed
Kid's corner with equipment
Apartment with Kid's corner
Apartment with Kitchenette
Double vanity, walk-in rain shower, tub
Apartment, Bath with tub and rain shower
Bed room with King Bed, chaiselongue, columns
Grand Diamond Suite, Bed Room
Living room, dining place, bed room, fire place
Grand Diamond Suite, Bed Room
Beautiful Swarovski lamps, mirror
Grand Diamond Suite, Details
Grand Diamond Suite, Details
Grand Diamond Suite, Details
Swarovski lamps, whirlpool, walk-in rain shower
Grand Diamond Suite, Bath
Armchair, coffee table, sofabed at window, desk
Grand Garden Suite, Living Room
Closet, King Bed, Window with Garden View
Grand Garden Suite, Bed Room
Spacious bath with walk-in shower, double vanity
Grand Garden Suite, Bath
Fascinating view, sitting area, desk
Junior Suite, Linden Wing
King bed, great view Unter den Linden, TV
Junior suite Lindenflügel
King Themed Suite LESSING
King Themed Suite MENZEL
Themed Suite LESSING
King Themed Suite HUMBOLDT
King Themed Suite BACH
Presidential Suite living area at The Westin hotel in Berlin
Presidential Suite SCHINKEL
Living area with open fireplace at The Westin Grand hotel Berlin
Grand Spa Suite - Living Room
Your suite in Berlin - Spa suite at the Westin Grand hotel Berlin
Spa Suite
King Themed Suite GOETHE
The Westin Grand Hotel Berlin - Spa suite bedroom
Spa Suite - Bedroom
Bedroom of the Presidential suite in Berlin
Presidential Suite SCHINKEL , Bedroom
Your perfect suite in Berlin - Themed Suite Sanssouci at The Westin Grand Berlin
Themed Suite Sanssouci, Bedroom
Living room of the Themed Suite Sanssouci at The Westin hotel Berlin
Themed Suite Sanssouci
Themed Suite GOETHE - Living Room
Themed Suite HUMBOLDT
Spacious spa bathroom at the Grand Spa Suite in Berlin
Grand Spa & Presidential Suite - Bathroom
Spacious bathroom of the Presidential suite at The Westin Grand hotel Berlin
Presidential Suite SCHINKEL , Bedroom
Themed Suite GOETHE - Detail
Themed Suite HUMBOLDT - Detail
Themed suite HUMBOLDT, Detail
Themed Suite LESSING - Detail
Themed Suite BACH - Detail
Themed Suite FONTANE - Detail
Themed Suite - Bathroom
Themed Suite - Bathroom


Stunning guest elevators, Lobby
Lobby, Elevator
Corridor, room doors, fashionable lamp
Hotel corridor, detail


Restaurant COELLN
Restaurant COELLN


Spa Suite - Bathroom

Events & meetings

Salon Brandenburg
Salon Brandenburg
Salon Meissen
Meeting Room - Gallery
Meeting Room - Gallery
Wintergarten Meeting Room
Wintergarten Meeting Room
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