3250 Buford Drive, Buford, Georgia 30519 USA
+1 678-714-2150

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SpringHill Suites Atlanta Buford/Mall of Georgia hotell
SpringHill Suites Buford Lobby


Larger King Suite
SpringHill Suites Buford King Suite
King Suite
SpringHill Suites Buford Double Suite
Double/Double Suite
Guest Bathroom


SpringHill Suites Buford Business Center
Business Center


SpringHill Suites Buford Breakfast
Breakfast Area
Breakfast Time Treats
Build a breakfast bowl with scrambled eggs and your choice of healthy and delicious toppings, including fresh spinach and salsa.
Oatmeal Designed by You
Yogurt Your Way

Recreation & fitness

Outdoor Pool
Outdoor Pool
SpringHill Suites Buford Fitness Center
Fitness Center

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Events & meetings

SpringHill Suites Social Events
Meeting Room- Social Set Up
SpringHill Suites Buford Meetings
Meeting Room- Classroom Set Up

SpringHill Suites® by Marriott® Atlanta Buford/Mall of Georgia