Cervo Hotel, Costa Smeralda Resort

Costa Smeralda, Porto Cervo 07020 Italy
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With an extensive collection of restaurants and bars, all within a stroll away, Cervo Hotel welcomes guests to a sensational journey for palates. From timeless classics of Quattropassi al Pescatore and La Pergola in Giardino, to more exotic flavors offered by NOVIKOV and Nuna al Sole, you will find a wide selection of opportunities to eat and sip, delightfully paired with wonderful views of the marina, while sitting in a blossom garden or against the backdrop of the powerful Sardinian landscape. Local product from the land and the sea is featured in all menus, adding a curated taste of local culture. Michelin-starred Italian and world-acclaimed International chefs and cuisines, impeccable service and warm atmosphere are at hand.


Quattro Passi al Pescatore

Reopening on May 14, 2022. Quattro Passi al Pescatore is an authentic expression of the Mediterranean sea. The menu is designed in partnership with **Michelin Restaurant Quattropassi.

Dress code: Smart Casual

Phone: +39 0789 931624

Quattro Passi al Pescatore - Lounge Quattro Passi al Pescatore - Exterior, Terrace


Novikov Porto Cervo

Reopening on June 3, 2022. Novikov brings the best of its service and quality from the centre of London to Costa Smeralda, offering the best fusion Asian culinary experience in the destination.

Dress code: Smart Casual

Phone: +39 0789 931621

Novikov Porto Cervo - Sashimi Selection Novikov Porto Cervo
Il Pomodoro - Pizza

Lunch & Dine-Around Programme

With our Lunch & Dine-Around Programme, guests who have committed to the full-board option—to eat all meals on the property—have the convenience of in-house dining along with a once-a-day option to experience Costa Smeralda’s other restaurants.

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Dining services

Room service, 24-hour

Room service

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Full American breakfast, complimentary

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Hot breakfast, complimentary


Nuna al Sole

Reopening on Apr 12. Nuna al Sole reflects the spirit of neighborhood and connects with like-minded souls. The perfect spot to socialize in a casual atmosphere while tasting delicious recipes to share, prepared with the freshest Mediterranean ingredients.

Dress code: Smart Casual Phone: +39 0789 931709


La Pergola in Giardino

Reopening on May 18, 2022. Completely uplifted in 2019, La Pergola in Giardino is a fine-dining and glamourous restaurant located in the Piazzetta of Porto Cervo, offering true International classic cuisine with Mediterranean touches.

Dress code: Smart Casual Phone: +39 0789 931111


Agorà Bar

Overlooking the marina and Piazzetta, Agorà invites guests to gather over the chef's delectable specials, light lunches, aperitifs, and after-dinner cocktails. Bartenders prepare drinks amid the sounds of live piano playing.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner Dress code: Smart Casual Phone: +39 0789 931111


Il Portico Bar

Reopening on May 12. Il Portico is the highlight of Porto Cervo's Piazzetta. With panoramic views over the beautiful Sardinian landscape, it is the perfect place to enjoy a unique, bespoke and glamorous cocktail experience that will last for a lifetime.

Dress code: Smart Casual Phone: +39 0789 931637


Il Pomodoro

Reopening on June 1, 2022. Il Pomodoro glorifies the humble tomato, with each dish telling a story. Recipes that have passed from mother to daughter, neighbor to neighbor and town to town.

Open for dinner Phone: +39 0789 931626


Cervo Restaurant

Exclusively open in winter. Cervo Restaurant, in the heart of the village, follows the authentic recipes and the orders of Italian classic cuisine with Mediterranean touch and International specialties, giving you both a delicious and most memorable meal.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Mediterranean, 7 KM

Le Grand

Dress code: Smart Casual Phone: +39 0789 976606

Japanese, 7 KM

Matsuhisa at Cala di Volpe

Dress code: Smart Casual Phone: +39 0789 976696

Mediterranean, 7 KM

Cala di Volpe Barbecue

Dress code: Casual Phone: +39 0789 976606

Mediterranean, 5 KM

The Grill

Dress code: Smart Casual Phone: +39 0789 930606

Mediterranean, 10 KM

La Terrasse

Dress code: Smart Casual Phone: +39 0789 977606

Mediterranean, 10 KM

Romazzino Barbecue

Dress code: Casual Phone: +39 0789 977606

Mediterranean, 6.4 KM

Ai Due Mari

Open for lunch Dress code: Smart Casual Phone: +39 0789 976406

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