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Located in the lobby of The St. Regis Toronto, Astor Lounge blends modern sophistication with a relaxed atmosphere. Contemporary jazz transports you while daily champagne sabering rituals recall our esteemed history. This downtown bar serves counter-style coffees every morning and afternoon before transforming into an upscale lounge in the evening with calming jazz, celebratory cocktails and a sunset ‘Evening Ritual’ sabrage ceremony.

The Evening Ritual

Champagne sabering dates back to the 1700s when Napoléon Bonaparte and his cavalry of men would win wars and to celebrate, they would saber bottles of champagne. Our founding family The Astors often did this as a way to welcome the evening and to bid farewell to the working day back in the late 1800s. Napoléon and his men would be on horses so it would be difficult for them to unwrap and unscrew a bottle and hence they would grab a saber and chop off the top of the bottle. He once proclaimed of champagne, “In victory one deserves it, and in defeat, one needs it.”

Today, champagne sabrage takes place each sunset at various St. Regis hotels around the world. The St. Regis Toronto hosts this signature ritual at 6:00 pm in Astor Lounge seven days a week, located lobby-level, to bid farewell to the working day and welcome the evening. Guests can enjoy a distinct moment of anticipation before the bottle is opened with a dramatic pop, accompanied by the festive cheer.