The St. Regis Venice

San Marco 2159, Venice 30124 Italy
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Arts Bar



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Smart Casual


+39 041 240 0001

Uniquely themed with a jazzy ambiance, Arts Bar sets the mood from evening until early morning with its avant-garde selection of art-inspired cocktails served with a select flourish. Celebrating the city’s artistic and cultural legacy with an outlook to the future, Arts Bar is steeped in timeless legend and impeccable character and boasts a casual modern elegance that spills out onto the outdoor terrace overlooking the Grand Canal. A collection of serves reflects masterpieces by vanguard artists, from Della Francesca and Tintoretto to Banksy, Yayoi Kusama, and Jeff Koons, to name a few; pre-dinner drinks and bubbles are announced by a sabrage ritual and accompanied by a selection of home-made appetizers; while great Italian spirits accompany the connoisseur as the night unfold with Bar Manager Facundo Gallegos and his barman playing gracious host.

Atmospheric & Experiential

Lending energy and vibe to Venetian evenings are modern Jazz interpretations, at times live or DJ-led, performed against the backdrop of a handsome dusk orange color palette, snug seating and transcendent artworks.

Piero's Punch

Clean. Fizzy. Aromatic. Inspired by Piero della Francesca’s "Annunciation of Virgin Mary", 1467 – 1468.

G & T With A View

Botanical and zingy. A tribute to Canaletto's "The Entrance to the Grand Canal", 1730.


Elegant and smooth, and homaging Giacomo Girolamo Casanova, 1725 - 1798.

The Hatched Negroni

Bold and bitter, this cocktail takes inspiration from Jeff Koon's "Cracked Egg", 2006.


Strong and complex. A homage to Giacomo Balla's "Abstract Speed + Sound", 1913.

The Venetian Cobbler

Rich. Smokey. Refreshing. A cobbler fit for St. Mark, the patron of Venice, The Venetian Cobbler is inspired by Tintoretto's The Miracle of the Slave, 1548.

Whisky Dot Sour

A twist on a classic whisky sour and a tribute to Yayoi Kusama's Mirror Pumpkin Room, 1993.