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Our all day dining venue, Dining Room "SENSES" offers a wide range of dishes, from traditional Okinawan and classic Japanese to Western meals and original fusion cuisine created by our executive chef. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner served in buffet style, along with an a la carte menu.

How about a gourmet weekend lunch with your family and friends? Enjoy the action as our chefs present you with freshly grilled meat at the live kitchen, and many more everybody's favorite dishes. Your meal will be enhanced with the beautiful view of the crystal clear ocean and blue sky.

For weekdays, guests are invited to Weekday Sheraton Café to experience a menu of delectable cakes created by our patisserie.

Restaurant Reservation

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Okinawan French Plated Lunch "Kachibe"

This Okinawan French plated lunch uses the pleasant seasonal Kachibe winds that signal the coming of summer as its motif. Enjoy a three-tiered bento box with a dessert made from a traditional Okinawan vegetables - the moui cucumber.

Dates: Weekday from 6/1 (Tue.) to 7/16(Fri.)
Hours: 11:30 AM-2:00 PM
Price: ¥4,235 per person

-Minimum order from 2 persons.
-Reservation is required one day in advance.

Picnic Basket

Limited to two groups per day! Why don’t you enjoy picnic with our special lunch basket anywhere you like in the hotel, such as on the beachside bench? Beautiful scenery and Okinawan breeze will enhance your special lunch time.

Dates: 3/13 (Sat.) to 10/31(Sun.)
Hours: 12:00 PM-2:00 PM
Price: ¥3,630 per person (Minimum order from 2 persons)

-A reservation is required by one hour before the desired delivery time.
-A bottle of sparkling wine is not included.

A la carte

The Classic Wagyu Bacon Cheese Burger¥3,025
Beef Steak Grilled with Moromi-Miso Bowl¥3,630
Okinawa Soba Noodles with Jushi¥1,452

Ryukyu Awamori

Awamori, the famous Okinawan distilled alcohol, has a 600-year history. Enjoy various kinds that we selected from breweries in Okinawa.

Dates: 2020/9/1~
Hours: 6:00 PM-10:00 PM
Prices: Glass ¥1,210~ / Bottle ¥4,235~

Special Course Featuring Leopard Coralgrouper and Locally Caught Spiny Lobster

This special course features generous helpings of Leopard Coralgrouper, one of the three most prized catches in Okinawa, plus locally sourced spiny lobster. Each and every dish is carefully prepared with the superb skills of our master chef.

Dates: 3/1 (Mon.)~
Hours: 6:00 PM-10:00 PM
Price: ¥14,520 per person

*Reservation is required by 6:00 PM 3 days in advance.

Anniversary Dinner

A delicious dinner to celebrate a special occasion, whether it be one's birthday, a wedding anniversary, or Kanreki (60th birthday). Enjoy an elegant multi-course French meal in Ryukyu-style, during which you'll taste a harmonious blend of Ryukyuan and international flavors.

Hours: 6:00 PM-10:00 PM
Price:¥9,680 per person

*Reservation is required by 6:00 PM one day in advance.

Pool &Lunch Package / Spa & Lunch Package

We offer special packages that include lunch and spa treatment or pool.
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*Prices include tax and service charge.
*Menu is subject to change depending on seasonality.
*Menu image for illustration purposes only.